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Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting

MARCH 21, 2018

Present:  Mayor Susan Lopatkin, Trustees; Alina Hendler, Phil Bornstein, Jeff Greener.  Late: Darren Kaplan 8.06PM.

Mayor Lopatkin brought the meeting to order at 8:04 PM. 

On motion of Trustee Alina Hendler, seconded by Trustee Bornstein, approve minutes from the February 21, 2018 meeting. The vote was 4 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried. 

Architectural Review Board:

24B North Drive:  Al Bokhour.  We are looking at the exterior of the house this evening.  Travertine will replace stone that is there now.  Walkway to match the brick of the wall. For the driveway, it will be blacktop with a brick apron per the ARB and a border around the blacktop.  A simple straight pattern will be used for the walkway, and the border on the driveway will be horizontal (two rows of bricks) but also straight.  No herringbone to be used.  Backyard patio will be pavers, can’t be the stone that was used on the house.  On motion by Mayor Lopatin seconded by Trustee Kaplan, approve replacement stone for front façade along with the use of brick for the walkway and two rows of brick for the driveway ending in a 10’ apron and pavers for the backyard patio.  The vote was 5 in favor, 0 abstentions, 0 against.  Motion carried. 

On motion by Mayor Lopatkin to open the PUBLIC HEARING for the Vigilant Fire and Ambulance contract for 2018 @ 8:15 PM seconded by Trustee Kaplan, the amount we will be paying is just a little less than we were told.  We will still be using Vigilant for our Fire and Ambulance service.  There were no comments from the public.  On motion of Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Greener approve the contract as presented and close the Public Hearing at 8:23 PM.  The vote was 5 in favor, 0 abstentions, 0 against.  Motion carried.

Mayor Lopatkin reported we are having problems with the Vigilant phone dispatching system. Since we have switched the police to the Village Hall, there has been one problem after the other at Vigilant.  There seems to be a line dead over there.  They were answering the police phone saying fire department.  Turns out Vigilant needs a new card for their own system and they are waiting for it.  We received a large bill from our phone service supplier Comprehensive Security, since they have spent a lot of time figuring out the problem of the system.  This needs to be discussed further.

Landscaping bids are opened:

               S.A. Sarnelli Landscaping:   Schedule A:  4000.00
                                                            Schedule B:  3450.00

               Innovative Design and maintenance:  Schedule A.  5079.00
                                                                           Schedule B:  4467.00

The Village Clerk will check all references.  If all is in order we will award the contract to S.A. Sarnelli as they are the lowest bidder.

Mayors Update:

The unaudited profit and loss statements for last year are ahead of what we budgeted. Income is 278,000.00 higher and our expenses were 276,000.00 under budget. 

The gazebo floor has been picked out. Aggregate concrete flooring has been chosen.  We have to wait for the weather to get better before we can poor the concrete.  

The next grant we will apply for will be used to purchase a fence to surround the rest of the Village Green.  It will match the fence on Middle Neck Road.  The shrubs will be removed. 

We are paying the Village prosecutor lower than all the other Villages.  We will be looking to create a rotation for the 2nd prosecutor and to be competitive, we have to pay more per session to both existing lead prosecutor and the 2nd .  If we raise the rates, we will be 5000.00 over budget for the year.  The only way we will attract people to work for the court, is if we are competitive.  We will pay the lead prosecutor 550.00 per session and the second prosecutor 500.00.  All were in agreement. 

Mayor Lopatkin will be sending out an e mail about a lottery to win a smart irrigation controller. Sponsored by the Great Neck Water Authority.  It’s free for all residents to participate.  This will save hundreds of dollars in water per year.  Water conservation in the peninsula is becoming a very big topic. 

Andrea Tsoukalas will be taking over as the Village Attorney for Peter Mineo who has retired from Forchelli, Deegan, and Terrana. 

Alina Hendler – Tree Commissioner:  Many home owners are now requesting to have trees removed due to all the storms.

Darren Kaplan – Building Commissioner:   Nothing to report this evening.

Jeff Greener beautification:  We need a small piece of equipment to replace the slide.  We budgeted 10,000.00 for playground equipment.  We will purchase some spring toys.

Philip Bornstein pool:  Nothing to report this evening.  Good bye – Phil’s last meeting.  The Mayor presented him with a proclamation thanking him for his six years of service to the village.

OPEN TIME:  Nothing this evening.

On motion of Mayor Lopatkin seconded by Trustee Greener accept the Police, Village Justice and Treasurers reports. The vote was 5 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions. Motion carried.

On motion of Trustee Bornstein, seconded by Trustee Kaplan adjourn the meeting at 9:10 PM.

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